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Was Now Label

Data Integration from ERP Offline Mode (Option 1)

Data will be transferred to the HHT memory

Below are the steps involved in getting latest prices in HHT devices from ERP

  1. Job is run in Navision to export the data into excel file.
  2. Data Convert application is used to Convert and upload data into HHT device from Excel. This application is installed in all the Store Locations.

PC Based Application for Data converting from Excel File to SQL Lite

Data Integration from ERP Online Mode (Option 2)

Webservice will be published in Sore level Server, this will communicate between HHT and Server Database through Wifi.

HHT Login / Main Screen

User logs into the application

Main Screen

After user logs into the application, following options are available as shown in the screen.

Product Was-Now TAGS / SHELF EDGE
Product Was-Now TAGS / SHELF EDGE

Product Was-Now TAGS / SHELF EDGE

Sample Label Layouts

Label Type – 76mmx38mm

Label Type – 60mmx38mm

Product Pouch Labels/Tags
Product Pouch Labels/Tags

Was Now Arabic Version

Was Now English Version